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During the whole history of humanity people wanted to run faster, dive deeper, fly higher. Success in such things gives us motivation, makes us believe, that we can everything...but we should not forget tragic moments of our history and people who were ready to sacrifice their life.

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Three cosmonauts have died during the space shuttle landing in Union 11 space mission. Shuttle was landed successfully, but all cosmonauts were dead due to depressurization of the cabin. That ...

Domain: Aerospace; Category: Space flight

Apollo 1 tragedy happened during the test,with the Command Module mounted on the Saturn 1B on the launch pad just as in the actual launch, but the rocket was not fueled. At 6:31 pm the crew noticed a ...

Domain: Aerospace; Category: Space flight

On April 23, 1967 the Soviet Union's shuttle Union 1 had crashed. Soviet Union's kosmonavt Vladimir Komarov was killed when the spacecraft crashed during its return to Earth. Even before launch ...

Domain: Aerospace; Category: Space flight

Apollo-13 was the third planned Lunar-landing mission after two successful flights (Apollo-11 and Apollo-12). Shuttle was launched on April 11, 1970. After Apollo 13 had finished a television ...

Domain: Aerospace; Category: Space flight

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