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What works when you really want to learn a language?

The advertising content over the Internet offers hundreds of thousands of ads telling you to ‘rewire’ your brain – for meditation, psychotherapy, even for love – I really doubt the existence of the last mentioned kind of circuitry. The web content tells how ‘rewiring’ your brain might change you and your life forever. The argument is that ‘objectively’ there are those ‘circuits’ in your head and you could not even try to manage them on your own. Could that work when you really want to learn a language?
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Teresa Pelka 08:39, 30 June 2011
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  • Mary-anne 17:07, 3 November 2011

    A nerd ( don't laugh)it's not funny.

  • Vannylm 08:38, 4 October 2011

    Hello Theresa, Yes it could increase your unrevealing ability. I myself practice meditation, some affirmations and visualisation after I set a goal to improve as much as a can my English. Aside from my activities like studing English grammar, listening, talking my friends gave me a positive feedback in so short period of time even I didnt study so hard. Its about the way we think, what motivate us and how committed we are.

  • cristina.allyce 21:20, 18 July 2011

    perhaps the kind of 'rewiring' necessary to learn a new language is the kind that establishes a mentality of persistence and determination. some people do not have the desire, time, concentration, or motivation to learn a new language. so maybe instead of 'rewiring', what one really needs to do is to 're-prioritize', shift their focus and dedicate their efforts to their goal.