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A golf putting technique invented and popularized by LPGA star Michelle Wie. It's called the table-top style because the player's back is parallel to the ground, much like the hanging top of breakfast table. Wie invented the table-top approach because her putting average dropped to 119th on the LPGA Tour in 2012, taking over 31 putts per round. Realizing that was far too high and out of other more conventional answers after trying the belly putter and claw grip, Wie took desperate measures in the final round of the 2012 Dubai Ladies Masters. Wie took a lot of ribbing for her unique stance, and even made fun of it herself on different occasions. The table-top putting style helped Wie win the 2014 U.S. Women's Open in June 2014.

Domain: Sports; Category: Golf

高尔夫推杆技术发明和推广由 LPGA 明星魏圣美。它 ' s 称为表顶部的风格,因为玩家 ' s 背面是平行于地面,很像挂早餐表的顶部。魏圣美发明了表顶部的办法,因为她把平均下降到 119th 在 2012 年 LPGA 巡回赛接管 31 推杆每轮上。意识到那太高,且其他更常规的答案尝试肚皮推杆和爪握后,魏圣美了绝望的措施在决赛中的 2012年迪拜女子大师赛一轮。 魏圣美拍了很多她独特的姿态,罗纹,甚至取笑它自己在不同的场合。桌上放风格帮助魏圣美在 2014 年 6 月赢得 2014年美国女子公开赛。

Domain: Sports; Category: Golf

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