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A collection of food that you should keep away from dogs.

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A mass of flour that has been moistened and kneaded for making bread, pastry, cakes etc.

Domain: Baked goods; Category: Bread Collected Term

A five-carbon sugar alcohol derived from xylose by reducing carbonyl group. It is as sweet as sucrose and used as a noncardiogenic sweetener.

Domain: Medical; Health care; Category: Medicine Collected Term

The strongly scented, pungent bulb of a plant similar to onion. A garlic clove is one of the many small parts that make up a garlic bulb. Elephant garlic is bigger, more mild, and closely related to ...

Domain: Culinary arts; Category: Cooking Collected Term

Related to lily, this plant is prized around the world for the magic taste it gives to man dishes with its pungent flavor and taste. There are two main types of onion — green onions (also called ...

Domain: Culinary arts; Category: Cooking Collected Term

A small, round, brown nut with a buttery, slightly sweet flavor and a high fat content. Used in a variety of dishes.

Domain: Snack foods; Category: Nuts & seeds Collected Term

Herb added to boiling wort or fermenting beer to impart a bitter aroma and flavor. Hops are the dried blossom of the female hop plant, which is a climbing herb (Humulus lupulus). Hops' closest ...

Domain: Beverages; Category: Beer Collected Term

A dried grape. Raisins have a higher sugar content and a different flavor from grapes. Raisins are eat out-of-hand and used in cereals, puddings, cookies, cakes, muffins, stuffings, salads, and ...

Domain: Fruits & vegetables; Category: Fruits Collected Term

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