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In Korea there are many words which are neither English nor Korean, instead this mixture is often called Konglish.

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Handphone is a clear mix of the two words hand and phone. It refers to cell phones or mobile phones.

Domain: Mobile communications; Category: Mobile phones

If you find a sign or place that offers something, "service" that means they are offering it to you for free! It is an easy way of saying, "on the house".

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; Category: Tourist attractions

Instead of saying air conditioning or air conditioner in Konglish people will just say, "aircon".

Domain: Household appliances; Category: Air conditioners

Motorcycles are really just automatic bicycles, so in Konglish we call them autbi or autobis in plural.

Domain: Automotive; Category: Electric vehicle; Motorcycles

The rear-view mirror in a car is called the back mirror in Kinglish, which makes sense because it helps you see the back.

Domain: Automotive; Category: Auto parts

Any longer coat (commonly called trench coats) is referred to as a burberry coat in Kinglish regardless of the brand.

Domain: Fashion; Category: General fashion

Cunning means cheating, specifically when a student is cheating or copying on a test. A cunning student is a student who cheats.

Domain: Education; Category: General education

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