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The moon comes in many forms, shapes, and sizes!

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A honeymoon is an activity taking place after a marriage used to celebrate alone between the newly-weds. The honeymoon usually takes place in a location far from home. Popular honeymoon spots ...

Domain: Culture; Category: Popular culture

Used in jewelry for centuries, the moonstone was named by the Romans. The Romans and the Greeks believed the moonstone was a gift from the lunar gods and goddesses. The chemical makeup of moonstone ...

Domain: Jewelry; Category: Gemstones

The 1973 rock album produced by Pink Floyd. The album was centered around conflict, greed, passage of time, and mental illness (mental illness portion inspired by band member Barrett). The album ...

Domain: Music; Category: Music albums

A term referring to night-blooming plants. These plants do not bloom during the day time. Such plants include: Datura species, Ipomoea species, Mentzelia species, Nightblooming cereus species.

Domain: Horticulture; Category: 

Sailor Moon, a Japanese anime, depicts magical girls using their powers to fight evil. Airing in the U.S. from 1992-1993, it had many children fans, but the network was not too keen. The story is ...

Domain: TV shows; Category: Kids shows

A traditional Chinese baked product made to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mooncakes are generally fat in width, and can be stuffed with filling derived from a mixture of any of the following: ...

Domain: Baked goods; Category: Cakes

A distilled liquor that is produced illicitly. High in alcohol content, this spirit has been smuggled in the southern United States for years. Possible side-effects from poorly distilled Moonshine ...

Domain: Beverages; Category: Other alcoholic products

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