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Swipe right is an expression of romantic interest on mobile phone app Tinder. Tinder is a location based dating app where you swipe left to reject interest in another Tinder user, or swipe right to ...

Domain: Software; Category: Phone apps Collected Term

Rustle up is an informal way to say gather, to find or assemble by effort or search.

Domain: Language; Category: Slang Collected Term

Gossip used to be a small group of your closest friends, but Shakespeare made it a verb in Comedy of Errors!

Domain: Literature; Category: General literature Collected Term

Erroneous means wrong or incorrect. "Employers sometimes make erroneous assumptions". Erroneous means wrong or incorrect.

Domain: Language; Category: General language Collected Term

Describing animals as cold-blooded was not Shakespeare's intent. Rather, in Kind John he first used to term to mean someone who was behaving in a heartless manner.

Domain: Literature; Category: General literature Collected Term

Archibabble is used to describe the overly expressive, pretencious words used by many architects within the architecture field. The word is a play on the words architecture and babble.

Domain: Language; Category: Terminology Collected Term

Phantom is a black and white photo taken by photographer Peter Lik. I was sold for $6.5m in 2014 making it then the most expensive photograph of all time. It also brought up the subject of whether ...

Domain: Photography; Category: Professional photography Collected Term

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